Can you see me now? – July 2007

Can You See Me Now?

With winter comes longer nights, rain, sleet, and melting snow thrown on your windshield, ice buildup, and more. To really be safe in winter driving, make sure all of these vision related systems of your car are operating at peak efficiency:

  • Wipers Make sure your wipers operate. Verify the rubber inserts are not torn, the blades are securely attached to the arm, and that your washer reservoir is full. (Note: most washer solvent is freeze protected to between 0 and -25 degrees, but the air blowing down through the engine compartment has a wind chill of down to -40! We have seen cases where a concentrated extreme cold washer supplement is needed.)

  • LightsMake sure all of your lights operate! You want to be seen as well as be able to see clearly. Also if your vehicle has discolored plastic headlight lenses, have them treated or replaced. Faded lenses can cut available light by 40%. Also, replacement bulbs can be installed to make your headlights brighter in many instances.

  • Defrosteryour heater has to get hot, and lots of that hot air has to be directed at the windshield to keep the ice melted off of it. A full cooling system, a properly functioning thermostat and a clean cabin air filter are essential.

  • WindshieldYour windshield should not be scratched or cracked. Any small chips or cracks may spread across the windshield if not repaired promptly. Also, a windshield treatment like our Aquapel program actually helps keep your windshield cleaner without even turning on your wipers.

From all of us at S&S Service Center, have a safe and happy holiday season!

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