April 2016 Car Care Tip

How Much Air is Needed?

Even on cars with tire pressure monitoring systems, we still see many improperly inflated tires. How do you know how much air pressure should be in your car’s tires? Molded into the sidewall of your tires is a maximum inflation specification that shows what the highest pressure should be with the maximum allowed load. The real tire pressure specification you should be using is on a placard mounted on the rear edge of the driver’s door, or on the “B” pillar, the vertical post that the driver’s door latches onto.

Note that this specification is for cold tires. If you check tire pressure after driving a distance, the pressure should be higher than the placard shows. Tire pressure goes up approximately one psi for every 10 degree rise in temperature. Toyota tire pressure monitoring systems seem to be the most critical of proper inflation, so much so that here is an article from one of our trade magazines devoted specifically to having proper pressure in Toyota tires. Please click on it, if for no other reason than you’ll see how complicated it can get just figuring out how much air to put in your tires.


One more thing: Don’t forget to check the spare tire. We try to check it when we service your vehicle, but if the trunk is full of golf clubs, shopping bags, etc., we are unable to get to them. Also most spare tires do not have pressure sensors, so no warning light will come on when they are low.