Keep Your Car Through the Cinderella Era

The Car Care Council refers to the period of time after your car is paid off and when it is still in great shape and needs only modest repairs as the Cinderella Era. With proper care, the typical vehicle should deliver at least 200,000 miles of safe, dependable performance, and that’s no fairy tale.

During that time, average annual vehicle repair expenses are approximately the same as one monthly payment on a brand new vehicle.

Most of those expenses are normal maintenance procedures and are a drop in the bucket compared to a whole year’s worth of new car payments. The end of the story is that a properly maintained vehicle is safer, more dependable, more fuel efficient, less polluting and more valuable.

If you are thinking about a new car, give us a call. With your repair history, we can calculate some average expenditures and help you make a good decision.

The Neighborhood is Looking Better

The Kansas City Water Department started a new stormwater runoff program just south of S&S. They are clearing all of the brush and trees to construct a collection pond, and they are going to raze the rickety old building straight south of us. Keep your eyes open for more improvements.

Thank you for trusting us. We strive every day to earn your trust and keep it.