Why Is It So Bright In Here?

I’ve talked before about upgrading headlights to get a brighter light, but this month I have information about the lights in our shop.

We try hard to keep our shop spotlessly clean, and most of the comments we hear seem to confirm that people do notice and appreciate the cleanliness of the floor. After all, who wants a big greasy footprint on the carpet inside their car?

Another thing we are improving is the lighting, both in the shop and the customer areas. We have 40 8-foot fluorescent fixtures and 18 4-foot fixtures that we are gradually converting to 4-foot LED (light emitting diode) fixtures. The LED lights are brighter and don’t dim down over time as fluorescent tubes do. Another big plus is savings due to less electricity usage. Some estimates predict 75% electricity savings!
Bring your sunglasses next time you’re in.

The Neighborhood is Looking Better

The Kansas City Water Department has started work on the new stormwater drainage project. As the photo (before and after) shows, the building has been demolished, and they are excavating the retention pond. Keep your eyes open for more improvements. Also, see the short video by the water department:

Water department video