How Much is a Tune-Up?

  The Most Common Question At S&S Service Center we receive an average of 185 incoming telephone calls per week. These consist of appointment requests, questions about repairs or maintenance operations, approvals of estimates, telemarketers, hang-ups, and several other kinds of calls. Without a question, though, the most common thing we hear when we answer

What Is Wheel Alignment And Why Is It Important?

Your vehicle is made up of several hundred components, but none may be more important than it’s wheels. However, knowing when to service your vehicle’s suspension can be a difficult thing to understand, let alone manage. In this article, we’ll discuss what happens during a wheel alignment, why it’s essential, and how it can affect

Why Brake Fluid Is Important

Why Regularly Checking Your Brake Fluid Can Prevent Catastrophe Your brakes are one of the most important and complex components of your vehicle. The standard components include calipers, rotors, and brake fluid. Any malfunction in the system can pose a potential hazard. If your braking system is not properly cared for, a brake repair service

Is Your Vehicle Suffering From Wheel Misalignment?

What to Look Out For When it comes to the quality and comfort of your drives, proper wheel alignment plays an important role. Proper alignment allows the wheels of your vehicle to meet the road at a proper angle and helps them work with each other, instead of against. Think about wheel alignment as if