At-Home Auto Maintenance Tips

Your vehicle is one of the most significant investments you’ll make, which is why maintaining it is a critical step in ensuring it keeps you safe. While auto repair may seem like a complicated issue, there are several routine maintenance tips you can follow to make sure your car is always performing at its best. Take a look below at some at-home maintenance tips you can start doing today.

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Check Tire Pressure

One of the most significant things that can affect overall operation of your vehicle is tire pressure. Ideally, you should check your tire pressure once a week to ensure each tire has an adequate amount of air, especially in cold temperatures. If you’re unsure how much tire pressure is recommended for your vehicle, check your owner’s manual or the interior of your driver’s side door for the proper amount.

Inspect Oil Levels

With several hundred moving parts, your car’s engine needs oil to help eliminate friction and excess heat that can build up. Checking the oil levels in your vehicle is critical when it comes to essential maintenance. When checking your dipstick, make sure that it not only has the proper amount of oil but that the color of the oil is not black as this can indicate the breakdown of the lubricant and alert to the presence of contaminants and other debris that can harm your engine.

Monitor Tread Depth

Your tires not only absorb impact from road conditions, but they also ensure that you are safe each time you sit behind the wheel. Tire treads should never fall below 1/16 of an inch (1.6 millimeters) in depth. If they are any lower than the recommended depth, they should be promptly inspected.

Trust The Professionals

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