Hybrid Repair in Kansas City, MO

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Full Service Hybrid Repair & Maintenance

Known for their fuel efficiency and overall durability, hybrids are the go-to choice when motorists are looking for a cost-effective vehicle. But just like the more common gasoline-powered engine services, even hybrids need proper, consistent service for them to maintain its reliable level of performance, and that’s where S&S Service Center can help. Located in Kansas City, Missouri, our facility is equipped with the automotive team your hybrid vehicle needs to perform at its best. Our ASE Certified technicians utilize the specific resources and service techniques to handle any problem your hybrid may have, whether it’s an oil change or a battery replacement. See why we’re Kansas City’s go-to hybrid service shop!

Personalized Auto Care

At S&S Service Center, we focus on not just providing high-quality auto services, but also building personable relationships with each of our clients. We do that by taking an honest and transparent approach to auto care, because you and your hybrid vehicle deserve nothing less. When you first enter our shop, you’ll meet with our service advisors, who have a comprehensive understanding of our business, the services we provide, and how they’ll work within your hybrid’s explicit service guidelines. Using this knowledge and an understanding of your budget and vehicle’s current condition, they’ll work with you to create a personalized service plan that solves your auto problems while staying within your set spending limit. You’ll know every service being performed on your vehicle as our service advisors will walk you through the plan step-by-step, and only with your approval will we move forward with the service.

If the plan is approved by you, we hand your vehicle off to our ASE Certified technicians. They’ll use the tools, components, and service techniques your hybrid needs to execute your personalized service plan with quality and efficiency in mind. During the service, our advisors will provide you with status updates via call, text, or email so you always know what’s going on with your vehicle. Once completed, our service advisors will give you an overview of the appointment and answer any lingering questions you may have!

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Major hybrid repair can take a heavy toll on your wallet. Make sure you avoid significant problems by having your hybrid regularly maintained and repaired by S&S Service Center, Kansas City, Missouri go-to hybrid service shop. Our ASE Certified technicians use the specific resources and service techniques needed to ensure your hybrid vehicle is always saving you money. For your next hybrid service, give us a call at 816-361-0000 or use our online scheduling system to book an appointment with us! In the area and want to schedule in person? Visit our facility at 8025 Troost Ave.. We look forward to meeting you!