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In order for your vehicle to reach its peak level of performance, it needs a high performing engine powering it. Responsible for converting fuel into energy, it’s the reason why you’re able to move your vehicle at all. To ensure the engine is always functioning at its best, it needs proper service, and that’s where there S&S Service Center can help. Located in Kansas City, Missouri, our state-of-the-art facility has all the resources and services your vehicle’s engine needs. Our ASE Certified technicians utilize their years of experience and technical skill to handle every problem the engine may have with quality and care in mind. Once we’re finished with your vehicle, you’ll feel the power behind the engine!

Does Your Engine Need Service?

The engine in your vehicle is a high-performance system that needs consistent care for it to perform at its best. To ensure that is always the case, you need to have your vehicle follow a routine maintenance schedule and to understand the signs of engine trouble. Although we recommend all services be performed by our professionals, knowing the signs will allow you to bring your vehicle in for service before the problem worsens. If you suspect engine trouble with your vehicle, look out for these warning signals!

Loss of Power

During the course of your vehicle’s lifespan, it’s normal for the engine to lose power. This is typically due to wear-and-tear and most drivers won’t notice the gradual decline. If you notice a dramatic loss of power, that’s a sign of engine trouble. Unfortunately, there are a variety of reasons for this to happen and you’ll need professional help to determine the cause. Just make sure you take your vehicle in for service soon, or risk an expensive engine repair or rebuild.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Most drivers get a sense of how quickly their vehicle burns through fuel and how often they need to visit the gas pump. If you notice that your vehicle frequents the gas pump more often than it used to, that could be a sign of engine trouble. This indicates that your vehicle may be in need of a tune-up, but make sure you visit our shop to properly determine the cause of your vehicle’s reduced fuel efficiency.

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The engine is the heart of your vehicle and without it, driving your vehicle becomes almost impossible. Make sure you avoid major engine problems by visiting S&S Service Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Our ASE Certified technicians have the resources and service techniques to perform any engine repair or maintenance service available. Whether it’s a loss of power or colored smoke coming from the exhaust, we handle every problem with the care and attention your vehicle’s engine needs! Want to book a visit or have questions about our services? Give us a call at 816-361-0000, our service advisors are ready and waiting to help you! Want to see our facility? Visit us on 8025 Troost Ave., we look forward to meeting you!