What’s the difference between tire rotation and alignment?

Is your vehicle pulling or vibrating as you drive? The problem could be connected to your tires. It’s important for your safety that you have your tires checked for wear and alignment regularly. S&S Service Center in Kansas City, MO, is here for your tire alignment and rotation needs. What is Tire Rotation and Balancing?

Common Hybrid Repairs

With the price of gas right now, you have likely considered making your next car a hybrid or electric model. While there are obvious advantages to these types of vehicles for both your wallet at the pump and the environment, it’s important for you to consider the maintenance and repair costs associated with these vehicles

Industry Visionary

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5 Critical Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Schedule a Vehicle Maintenance Appointment Now 5 Smart Vehicle Maintenance Tips It’s important to properly maintain your car to extend its lifespan and ensure you and your passengers are safe. Here are five essential vehicle maintenance tips to keep your car running smoothly from the automotive experts at S&S Service Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

4 Signs of Brake Trouble

Kansas City’s Brake Repair Pros 4 Signs You Need Brake Repair Brake service is a critical maintenance service that you should never ignore. Even if your vehicle is relatively new, its braking system needs to be properly maintained in order to keep you safe and sound when you’re behind the wheel. If you notice any