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At S&S Service Center we have the tools, components, and service techniques to ensure your vehicle’s braking system is always functioning at its safest. Our ASE Certified technicians and experienced service advisors will create a service plan that is personalized for your vehicle’s specific needs. They’ll take the time to assess your vehicle’s situation and perform the necessary repairs so you are navigating the roads of Kansas City, Missouri with comfort and safety. Whether it’s a worn brake pad or a warped rotor, we handle every problem with the precision and accuracy your vehicle deserves.

Keep Your Brakes Going

Outside of having your vehicle’s braking system regularly serviced, the best way to prolong its lifespan is to implement good brake maintenance habits. These small actions help relieve stress from the braking system and even pays you forward, as you won’t have to deal with as many brake problems compared to drivers that don’t practice good maintenance habits. When you’re taking care of your vehicle, make sure you keep these habits in mind!

Lighten The Load

Before your next drive, examine the items that may have been left in the interior and the trunk. Over time, it’s normal for people to leave junk in the vehicle, but this junk makes the vehicle heavier and places additional stress on the braking system. This is because the extra weight generates more momentum for the vehicle and the braking system will require additional brake force to stop it, which can quickly wear out the brake pads and even damage the brake rotor. By removing the unnecessary junk from your vehicle, it will lighten the load and reduce the stress on your vehicle’s brakes. Your vehicle will thank you later in the form of a longer lasting braking system.

Brake Inspection Experts

Although the mindset behind riding the brakes may be noble, it can also place a lot of unneeded pressure on the braking system. Constantly hitting the brakes hastens the process of wear-and-tear on the brake pads and, if the pads are worn, the extra heat generated can actually warp the brake rotors leading you to hear grinding noises. Instead of riding the brakes, think about increasing the gap between you and the car in front of you. A one or two car gap length is a perfect buffer to slowly stop your vehicle. Along with that, think about driving at speeds closer to the speed limit if you don’t do so already. This allows you to stop sooner and if you need to quickly stop your vehicle, you will do so at lower speeds which places less stress on the braking system.

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A strong braking system is crucial to a quality, safe driving experience. When your vehicle is in need of brake service, make sure you visit S&S Service Center, the brake repair experts in Kansas City, Missouri. Our automotive professionals have the resources and skill to quickly determine what’s wrong with the braking system and perform the repairs needed so your vehicle is at its safest. We make sure you are always in full control of your safety. Give us a call — 816-361-0000 — or use our online scheduling system to book your brake service with us today! In the area? Feel free to bring your vbehicle into our facility at 8025 Troost Ave.. We look forward to meeting you!