Common Hybrid Repairs

With the price of gas right now, you have likely considered making your next car a hybrid or electric model. While there are obvious advantages to these types of vehicles for both your wallet at the pump and the environment, it’s important for you to consider the maintenance and repair costs associated with these vehicles before you purchase them. You should expect several common repairs when driving a hybrid vehicle.

Battery Issues

Batteries are used in hybrid vehicles to run the electric propulsion system that offsets the gas engine. One problem with these batteries is that they’re heavier than the battery you’re used to seeing in a gas-powered car, so they put more stress on the engine. It’s important that you watch for wear and tear on your engine to head off any repairs before they become prohibitively expensive to repair. Where you live can have detrimental effects on the hybrid batteries, requiring replacement earlier than you might expect. Suppose you live somewhere with extreme heat or cold. In that case, you may see your battery life significantly diminished.

Oxygen Sensors

Both gas-powered and hybrid vehicles use oxygen sensors to measure the efficiency of the engine via exhaust emissions. In hybrid cars, these sensors have a history of failure much sooner than those in gas-powered vehicles. Keeping your oxygen sensor in good working order is key to maximizing the gas mileage of your hybrid vehicle, so it’s important to keep them in good working order.

Catalytic Converter

Hybrid vehicles are more prone to catalytic converter issues than traditional gas-powered vehicles. Unfortunately, these failures are typically expensive to repair and require you to take your vehicle to a qualified repair shop specializing in hybrid repair.

Evaporative Emission System

The evaporative emission system controls the emissions of your hybrid vehicle. Failure of this system is a common issue in hybrid vehicles that will require repair by a certified technician. Many of these systems fail due to simple things like leaks, failures and broken parts. To avoid the type of expensive repairs for the evaporative emission system, it’s a good idea to ask your mechanic to check the quality of the parts.

Hybrid vehicles have many advantages and are often excellent investments so long as you have considered the possible repairs that differ from those you face with a gas-powered vehicle. When your hybrid requires maintenance or repair, consider taking it to S&S Service Center in Kansas City, MO.

By on November 12th, 2022 in Hybrid Repair