Why Brake Fluid Is Important

Why Regularly Checking Your Brake Fluid Can Prevent Catastrophe

Your brakes are one of the most important and complex components of your vehicle. The standard components include calipers, rotors, and brake fluid. Any malfunction in the system can pose a potential hazard. If your braking system is not properly cared for, a brake repair service may be in order. One thing to keep in mind is the role of brake fluid in preventing severe mechanical issues. Keep reading to learn why brake fluid plays a critical role in maintaining the proper function of your vehicle’s braking system.

Maintain Peak Performance

Brake fluid must be checked regularly. If your brake fluid is leaking and the level falls too low, it can lead to severe mechanical issues. When this happens, it prevents optimal performance. Several signs let you know it’s time to change your fluid. These include:

  • Brake pedal needs heavy foot pressure
  • ABS or brake warning light comes on
  • Must break earlier than usual
  • Slow response from the brake pedal

A brake fluid flush is required to correct these issues. Your brake system works best when it has fresh brake fluid running through its system. A flush also ensures that there are no air bubbles in your brake lines stopping fluid from moving.

Avoid Corrosion

Brake fluid keeps the braking system from experiencing erosion. Hydraulic brake fluid removes the moisture from your brake system. It also lubricates all the moving parts. The Anti-lock Brake System is also protected because the brake fluid helps prevent the electrical components of your ABS from failing. The fluid moistens and lubricates the ABS brake system, which stops corrosion while keeping your brakes, responding safely and quickly.

Stay Safe on the Road

Brake fluid is a vital part of your vehicle’s brake system. The fluid requires replacement or brake flush to keep all the braking system’s components functioning correctly. Schedule a service appointment today with S&S Service Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Our team of Master Certified and ASE certified technicians have extensive experience performing brake repair services.

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